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29.10.2021 – 00:42

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Densitas® Inc. has signed on. , the global provider of artificial intelligence technologies for mammography and breast screening, has signed an agreement with RAD-AID International to use the Densitas® intellMammo (TM) software platform at Georgetown General Hospital (GPHC) in Guyana.

The age-adjusted breast cancer mortality rate in Guyana in 2018 was 24.36 per 100,000 women, compared to 17.49 in the United States. To address this disparity, Guyana launched the first public sector breast screening program at GPHC in 2019 with the support of RAD-AID International. Mammographic examinations are performed as part of the program using the digital mammography unit at GPHC by a senior radiology technician trained by RAD-AID. RAD-AID is also supporting the training of more half-length imaging technicians in Guyana to increase the impact of the program in the public sector. GPHC’s Senior Physicians and Assistant Physicians receive daily PACS-supported support with interpretation and training by RAD-AID volunteers in the field of breast imaging. RAD-AID also offered a training program for nurses, doctors, technicians and patient caregivers to help women access these vital new services.

In collaboration with RAD-AID International and GPHC, Densitas® intellMammo (TM) has been used as part of a joint initiative to support the effectiveness and efficiency of breast cancer screening. The initiative aims to improve early detection by supporting education and training for effective and sustainable breast screening practices.

“In an environment with limited radiological resources, effective patient and process management precisely improves breast health through AI-based clinical decision support,” said Mo Abdolell, CEO of Densitas®. “When AI is integrated into health systems, particularly in underserved areas, it can pave the way by providing sustainable and scalable population-wide solutions that reduce health inequalities and support better quality of care.

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Densitas®’ innovative technician training solution identifies positional errors and integrates training materials for easy access while the patient is in the examination room. By providing mammography-specific workflows and advanced analytics for comprehensive and ongoing quality assurance processes, technicians are empowered to improve their efficiency and performance. This can have a significant impact on the quality of care, particularly in areas that are understaffed and/or inadequately resourced.

“We thank Densitas® for working with RAD-AID to help hospitals with limited resources test, deploy and certify AI safely and effectively,” said Daniel Mulura, President and CEO of RAD-AID International. “In understaffed areas where there is a shortage of skilled radiology technicians, breast health nurses, and radiologists, RAD-AID’s collaboration with Densitas® helps hospitals increase the quality, safety, and efficiency of medical imaging in their much-needed breast cancer screening programs.”

Information about RAD-AID International

RAD-AID is a global, not-for-profit health organization founded in 2008 that serves more than 85 low-resource partner hospitals in 38 low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). RAD-AID contains a diverse, multidisciplinary composition of more than 14,000 volunteer radiologists, including radiologists, nurses, technicians, physicists, engineers and IT professionals. RAD-AID Radiology promotes health care support through outreach, radiological education, and the donation of medical imaging equipment.

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Information about Densitas®

Densitas® is a leading global provider of artificial intelligence solutions for breast cancer screening focused on quality, safety, efficiency, and accurate breast health. Our products provide mammography facilities with solutions to improve mammography quality, operational efficiency, clinical care team fatigue, compliance with MQSA EQUIP and breast density laws, rapid patient-specific risk assessment, and customized training protocols for radiology technicians. Densitas® solutions are engineered for value-based models of care by providing standardized metrics and quantitative performance indicators delivered via a continuous quality assurance platform with advanced AI analytics for cost-effective care management.

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