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▷ China Show Studio Presents Documentary on Poverty Alleviation in China…

▷ China Show Studio Presents Documentary on Poverty Alleviation in China…

03.08.2021 – 17:00

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Beijing, China (OTS)

Fighting poverty to secure people’s living conditions and improve their well-being is a global concern. Because of history, nature, etc., the problem of poverty in China is so complex that China has become the country with the highest poverty rate in the world. Hence, the eradication of poverty in China has received worldwide attention.

Last July, nearly 1.411 billion people in China were lifted out of poverty and achieved a “moderately prosperous” standard of living. Tesla Max CEO tweeted, “China’s economic boom is really amazing!”

Recently, the two-time Academy Award winner Malcolm Clark’s documentary “On Wood, Rice, Oil, and Salt” has received a lot of attention. The documentary has been shown on Tencent Video and Weibo since it premiered in July and has been viewed more than 2.9 million times. With a total of four episodes, it tells the stories of Chinese trying to escape poverty.

In the first episode, “Kayong”, the life of an officer in a poor village in the mountains of southwest China is depicted. With his help, poor village families move out of the mountains and start a new life in the city.

The second episode “Darling Lin” deals with the struggle of women in China. Lynn, a persistent and courageous truck driver, seeks success and happiness through her own business.

The third episode, “Huaifu”, is about an acrobat whose story reflects decades of urbanization in China. He finds his way out of his country home, Henan, and settles in Shanghai.

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The fourth episode, “Zixu”, is a possible image of the “universal building of a wealthy society”. It tells the story of the company’s origins of three founders of a well-known courier company in the Zixu village of Hangzhou. It shows the amazing economic achievements that China has made in the past 40 years.

The documentary will air on Sky in the UK in August and Discovery South East Asia in October, giving viewers around the world a chance to learn more about China’s path out of poverty and learn about what the Chinese are doing and doing in China.

Commenting on China’s poverty reduction efforts, Malcolm Clark said, “When we say 100 million people have been lifted out of poverty, that is just a statistic; but when it comes to real people, their stories must be told. Every story.” It is an exemplary example of the Chinese government’s contributions to the eradication of poverty in China, not just once, or 100 times, 1,000 times or even a million times, but hundreds of millions of times, much more than what the West imagines, especially those in the West who know little So about China to see this movie, and I want to bring up the big issue, the eradication of poverty, to people, whether they are in the UK, Canada, the US, France, Australia or wherever. Touching them, all emotional barriers can be broken.”

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