July 17, 2024

▷ Brits can now travel to the Caribbean island of Dominica without quarantine الحجر

▷ Brits can now travel to the Caribbean island of Dominica without quarantine الحجر

From June 30, UK travelers will be able to travel to the Commonwealth of Dominica without being quarantined upon return, as announced in the latest revision of the UK’s Green Travel List. Dominica has handled restrictions differently and has been open to international visitors since last summer. The green slate will allow the island to move one step closer to pre-pandemic tourism levels. The news comes just days after the country welcomed American Airlines’ first flight for a “test run” – a technical process that takes place before the airline can obtain an operating license for an important country to offer flights there.

The island has been one of the least affected by COVID-19 and has not reported any deaths since the outbreak of the pandemic due to effective government management of the virus, making it a trustworthy destination for travelers with safety concerns. In addition, the country has recently made progress in building an international airport that will boost tourism and trade in Dominica, particularly in Europe and the United States.

“[Der Flughafen] It will open up opportunities for a range of providers of goods and services, from caterers to fuel providers and from maintenance to health and wellness services. “This will create several hundred new jobs for the national economy,” Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit said at the airport contract ceremony.

“In addition to direct jobs, the new airport will also create a large number of indirect jobs in transportation and tourism services. This includes taxi drivers, farmers and fishermen, and improve opportunities for many others. But this is just the beginning.” added.

In recent years, Dominica has become a popular ecotourism hub for travelers looking for a unique Caribbean experience. Known as the “Natural Caribbean Island,” the country is known for its many eco-friendly resorts, natural hotspots like Boiling Lake, and health and wellness-based experiences. These characteristics have also made the island an attractive destination for remote workers, digital nomads, and those looking for a Practical Plan B to keep their families safe in the face of COVID.

Dominica offers a path to a second citizenship for those who wish to make the island their permanent home. Via Citizenship by Investment Program Investors can make an economic contribution by Sovereign Wealth Fund or buying real estate granted. After a thorough security check, the applicant gets citizenship and can use it to apply for his second passport. Obtaining citizenship in the Dominican Republic brings many benefits, such as increased freedom to travel to more than 140 destinations, the right to live, work and study in the country, and a second home for life in an amazing Caribbean environment.

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